Summary of the Securex Fair 2018


SECUREX BeSMART – this is how the 22nd edition of International Security Fair SECUREX can be summarized. Technological solutions presented by the exhibitors, business-oriented and aware visitors, thematic scope of the events as well as the accompaniment of other trade fair: SAWO, INSTALACJE, GreenPOWER and EXPOPOWER, and also Poznań Media Expo – these are the features each modern event for professionals should have. And Poznań event had them all!

The state-of-the-art fair

On guard of both, our private and professional, lives stand newer and newer solutions – the solutions which were delivered by the exhibitors participating in SECUREX fair – manufacturers and distributors of the most cutting edge technologies from the security industry. In fair halls one could make a complete verification of the offer of security products. This proves that the exhibitors of this edition of the fair had meticulously and for a long time prepared themselves for the fair. They concentrated on presenting the smart idea and integrity of individual products, services and systems. Project Smart Building showed its new character. It presented how the technological advance was achieved. The aim of the products and systems gathered under the project was not only comfort of their users – but building the technologies for security. This year at the fair were presented more than 130 new products, 25 absolute Market Premieres, 30 products which were granted Securex’s MTP Gold Medal and 3 under the exhibition Poznań Media Expo. Those facts were appreciated by the visitors of the fair, who consisted of the industry-oriented professionals, business and banking representatives, as well as representatives of strategic companies providing services for security of the country, uniformed services, general contractors , inventors and electrical installers, alarm and fire protection system installers and IT specialists. Their number reached in total almost 28 600.

Program from the experts for the industry

SECUREX fair does not only feature presentations of companies, but also conferences, trainings and shows, which facilitate the exchange of experiences among the participants. An opportunity for such exchange constituted the conference SMART CITY – CONF EXPO, which was co-organized by Poznań City Hall, Poznań International Fair and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center. The conference dedicated to the representatives of business, local governments and science made the participants aware of the great challenge and responsibility lying on the decision makers in terms of the development of modern cities. The direction SMART CITY seems to be the trend adjusted to the needs of contemporary inhabitants, which may improve the quality of cities’ life and support the sustainable technological development taking place with the respect both for people and the surrounding us world. The conference SMART CITY perfectly fitted in the thematic scope of SECUREX fair as well as all other accompanying events. Visitors could come across alternative drives – at GreenPOWER and EXPOPOWER fair, or alternative heat sources at Instalacje fair.

Under the next edition of the fair program module - SECUREX BeIN – was held a cycle of lectures, presentations and trainings concerning the new regulations for data processing (GDPR) and contemporary threats in data protection. The lecturers – representatives of partners of the conference: Polish Platform for Homeland Security, the Association of the Security Experts of the Republic of Poland and company SummIT, shared their knowledge and experience with the listeners. Schedule of the fair included also the events organized together with the Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems. The first day was dedicated to trainings held in a special zone, which on the second day was turned into an arena of the 6th Championship of Polish Installers of Alarm Systems. This year’s winner of the Championship of Polish Installers of Alarm Systems became SOLID GROUP Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. Olsztyn, in the team: Marek Dąbrowski, Piotr Podlaski. The team defended the winning title of the 5th Championship of Polish Installers of Alarm Systems from 2016. On the last day of the fair, under the 2nd edition of the educational program for students of technical schools was held the training for the engineers of tomorrow.

Spectacular KNOW HOW

It has already become a tradition that during SECUREX fair are organized impressive shows. One of them was a spectacular assault on a bank convoy which took place before the eyes of pretty large audience and the media. The event was held with the participation of the Police and was preceded by the 3rd Security Forum of Local Communities on the role of police uniform classes in the context of shaping teens’ civic attitude towards safety. The debate allowed for the exchange of experiences on existing for classes with police profile, a discussion on the need for improving their legal and organizational solutions. The Forum constitutes a cyclical initiative of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, Polish Platform for Homeland Security and Poznań International Fair.

In cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Security was on the other hand held a special action – code name VINCI. “Shows make the audience aware of what a security is, how it looks like in practice. Ordinary mortals see security systems and the end result. They do not see the course of events. And to protect their property is needed a whole range of processes, systems, hard work and technology” – this is what about the shows said Marcin Pyclik, President of the Management Board of the Polish Chamber of Security.

We secure the time for the next edition!

Participants of 22. edition described it as a good place and time for business. They held many meetings, both those spontaneous, and those added to their calendars many months before the fair. Therefore already today it is worth making a decision about participation in this biggest event in Central Europe in two-year’s time.

The next edition of Securex Fair will be held in September 14-16, 2021.

At the same time following fairs will be held Instalacje and Greenpower Trade Fairs.