Safety standards at SECUREX FAIR


Learn about the new sanitary rules that we have introduced for your safety!


High safety standards in every area, including medical care, fire protection and personal safety, have always been our priorities. However, considering the current situation, we have taken extraordinary precautions for the upcoming edition of the trade fair.

We have increased the number of personnel in the medical assistance point operating at the fair. The medical team will be in permanent contact with the District Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and with the assigned hospital. Additionally, Grupa MTP has intensified efforts to maintain cleanliness within the fairgrounds. According to the recommendations of sanitary authorities, all toilets, handrails and door handles will be disinfected several times per day by the cleaning services. Moreover, the toilets at the fairgrounds are provided with disinfectant dispensers and the instructions for proper hand washing. The official announcement the Chief Sanitary Inspector is also displayed in the exhibition halls.



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Izabela Perz