Securex 2022 - summary of the edition


The three-day Security Fair, as well as the Poznań Media Expo, have been completed. We encourage you to read the report on the events.

The International Security Fair is from one of the collateral bank for collateral. This year's variety of exhibitions was provided by companies that offered tours with a wide range of products, services and innovative tools.

The innovative solutions were awarded with the Gold Medal of the Securex Fair and the Gold Medal of Poznań Media Expo.

Gold Medal Consumer's Choice at the Securex Fair and hands in Replikant Sp z o.o. On the other hand, the Gold Medal Consumer Choice Poznań Media Expo went to Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. (awarded product: Polsat box 4K, Polsat box 4K lite).

They also celebrated their jubilees at the fair: Polish Chamber of Digital Radiodiffusion - 20th place; C&C Partners - 30 years; Polish Association of Employers Protection - 30 years.

Securex was accompanied by a rich offer of conferences, workshops and debates. On the first day, we could participate in the "Safe Company - Modern Technologies" debate. Its organizer was the Association of Security Experts of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Business Forum. During the debate, industry experts discussed the most interesting trends and technological solutions supporting the security of enterprises and new challenges posed by the new geopolitical situation for business in this context. The debate was attended by: Paweł Smykliński - Association of Security Experts of the Republic of Poland, GMP Defense; Krzysztof Ratajczak, Sebastian Koć - Grodno S.A. , Grzegorz Grabowski - Siemens, Mariusz Skotnicki - Eaton

The debate will be moderated by Mateusz Kalbarczyk from the blog Security and Strategy.

On that day, there was also a meeting with Piotr Niemczyk - commentator and publicist, former Deputy Intelligence Director of the UOP, former Deputy Minister of Economy and the author of the books "Short course of espionage", "Six in the morning. Who's knocking? How the homeland of Solidarity turns into a police state ”,“ Contempt. Why is the number of hate crimes growing in Poland? ”. Niemczyk referred to the present situation of the war in Ukraine.

On April 26, two conferences awaited the participants: "Cybersecurity in technical security systems - priority for critical infrastructure" and "Modern installations in the protection of life and property - design and operation", as well as a presentation of the Safety Project educational platform and a lecture "Ensuring safety and business continuity the priority of every organization, not only in times of crisis.

The event under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems and C&C Partners began at 11:00 in the WTC. The conference "Cybersecurity in technical security systems - priority for critical infrastructure" was very popular among visitors, incl. due to the topicality of the subject matter and participation in the debate and lectures by industry specialists.

On that day, there was also an event organized by the Wielkopolska Branch of the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians and the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań. The technical conference "Modern installations in the protection of life and property - design and operation" was addressed especially to industry designers, construction and fire engineers, architects, fire protection experts, construction experts, officers of the State Fire Service, companies dealing with the installation of fire protection systems and also owners and managers of facilities and all others interested in the subject.

At the end of the day, the National Association for the Protection of Classified Information, the National Security Support Association, the WLO WAT Quality Certification Center and the MTP Group invited to participate in a lecture on: "Ensuring safety and business continuity is a priority of every organization, not only in times of crisis".

Every day of the fair, the National Association for the Protection of Classified Information and the Association for the Support of National Security offered consultations on the protection of classified information, business information, personal data, security of facilities and cybersecurity.

Numerous attractions awaited the visitors, which enjoyed considerable interest, including:

  • Possibility to play the role of operator 112;
  • Drone shows;
  • Laser shooting range.

The operator's stand number 112 was prepared for us by the Emergency Notification Center in Poznań. At the exhibition stand, you could see not only the ICT system used by operators No. 112, but also talk to the operators of emergency numbers, including about the nature of their work or the type of submissions.

Drone shows were offered not only by the Arrowtec company, but also by the Wielkopolska Police.


The laser shooting range was organized by the Polish Chamber of Protection together with the DELTA Training Center.

Thank you for participating in this year's edition and we encourage you to participate in the Fair in the spring of 2024.

Securex Fair Team